The relentless pursuit of opportunity without regard to the resources currently on hand; we encourage experimentation and tolerate failures and consider them an essential learning process.

Results Driven

Irrespective of our concern about creating shared value, we are in business and mean business; lean and mean; no fooling around; we demand a rigorous assignment and use of resources; top and bottom line; cash return over cash invested; must add economic value; we do not consider this to be incompatible with our quest to creating shared value.


Never complacent; good is never good enough; state of the art; best in class; surpass expectations; creativity; innovation; under-promise over-deliver; we learn from our failures and do not make the same mistake twice.


Over and above respecting the law, we do what is right; we are open to scrutiny and have nothing to hide; never do anything our mothers, spouses or children would feel ashamed of reading in the papers about us.

Creation of shared value

Considering environmental, social and governance issues (ESG), is crucial to legitimacy; we aspire to be respected and admired by all stakeholders, so we strive to go beyond the basics.

Public Service

Doing business is not a private affair; ultimately, we are in the business of making the world a better place; we strive for a freer, more dignified, prosperous and peaceful society; we understand the role of governments and of civil society and have a clear political view on what ideas and approaches are best suited for our society to attain the common good; as individuals, we are prepared to take a leading public role; we will never be complacent on political matters; we conceive business as a public service.