The Group took on the name “Drake” in memory of Sir Francis Drake, the sixteenth century Elizabethan navigator, explorer, discoverer, public servant and entrepreneur.

Drake’s family motto “sic parvis magna”, meaning “greatness from humble beginnings”, represents the feelings and style of the group.






The motto “Sir Parvis Magna” __Greatness from humble beginnings__ alludes to the humble origins and personal development of Francis Drake. Adorned with orange coloured swags, the azure shield is crossed by a white wave with golden ripples which represents the sea and the two silver stars simbolyse the bright stars which shine on the seas of both hemispheres. On the Crest, Francis Drake’s ship, the Golden Hind, under sail upon a terrestrial globe, drawn round with a golden hawser, by a hand appearing from the clouds. The inscription “Auxilio Divino”, Represents the importance of faith to Francis Drake on his many voyages. On the mainmast a star Argent, which guides him. The shield makes reference to his many battles and the terrestrial globe, to Drake’s circumnavigation around the world.