The Drake Group


The Drake Group is the product of the vision and hard work of Mr. Nicolas Ibanez Scott, his immediate family and a group of trusted associates. Mr. Nicolas Ibanez Scott belongs to a family of merchants and entrepreneurs with roots in Chile and the UK. The heart of the Drake Group is to be found in various entrepreneurial and philanthropic activities where the development of a grocery business in Chile stands out. The grocery business was sold to Walmart, the leading supermarket operator in the USA. The responsible management of the liquidity event that this sale generated is currently the main focus of attention on the part of the Group.



The Drake Group was formally established in the year 2000. Its purpose is to maintain and enhance the spirit of industriousness in the family, to attract talent and generate value of its ultimate clients, communities in which it operates, co-investors and shareholders. Its ulterior purpose is to support philanthropic activities. Ownership is ultimately held in a perpetual philanthropic Trust. The core activity of the Group is centered on the Firm “Drake Enterprises” (the Firm), headquartered in Switzerland.